to effectively contribute to the excelling dynamism of the retail world, with world class shop floors and system implementations.


to be the leader in premium convenience store model with holistic development of all contributors involved.

allday policies

allday commitment to refund / exchange

our customers are covered by our quality guarantee on every product sold on our floors and we go to great lengths for this. allday will refund, replace or exchange any item which you are not satisfied with subject to due compliance with the terms & conditions of that particular product. Nothing in these terms & conditions will reduce your statutory rights to faulty or misdescribed goods. Any refunds for unwanted substitution or returned items will be made after the goods have been returned.

feedback & suggestions

Please write to us on to help us serve you better every time.


allday & convenience

mission : for all you need conveniently enhancing precious moments of your day – C.E.O , allday retail.
a lot of due diligence is carried out in every step a customer puts forward in an allday to make sure convenience is given at most importance without any compromise on quality. In our stores you will find a great selection of delicious grocery and quality gourmet everything you need for a mid-meal or a quick energy booster to refresh yourself while you are on the go!
whatever your reason for popping into an allday convenience store, you can be out in minutes while still enjoying world-class quality and service.


allday & the environment

we believe in making the right choices for the environment that we want our future generations to live in.
reducing food wastage and other wastage : we want all our food to be eaten, whether its by our customers, employees or people in need.
thorough processes and awareness campaigns are carried out to make sure food wastage in minimal at all points, especially in houses and also strict guidelines are followed in making use of the excess food or wasted food.
reducing carbon emission and energy consumption : excessive carbon emission has been one of the pain points of this millennium and allday is extremely concerned in this regard and has been taking great steps in reducing packaging waste and usage of plastics and has launched great reusable cotton bags.
energy consumption has also been deliberated extensively at allday and hence great importance is given to natural lighting when it comes to interior themes of our outlets and also we have been strictly using highly efficient energy saving lighting equipments and others that consume energy in everyday operations.


allday & the community

our business model completely revolves around the community we cater to, which is offices, public spaces and most importantly residential neighborhood as community matters to us. we work very closely with the community, in safe guarding their eco system, their precious lifestyle and also bring life and health into them in the best way possible. this involves fair employment, trade and procurement policies.

allday also works very closely with the community in setting up token boxes and combining with the community to work on good causes within the community and the neighbourhood.


allday & exclusive gourmet

being synonymous for authentic food from around the world, allday takes immense care in the back-end research and analysis of all the brands from various countries that we deal with, before it is brought to the shelves from where you pick them up.allday serves the community with exclusive gourmet from across the world which is distinct to the cosmopolitan culture of Dubai home to people from around the world with varying needs.


allday & free from

in today’s world of extremely high demand for quality food and others allday is proud to confirm that it goes deep into routes of procurement to bring you products that are free from sugar, gluten, pesticides and more.specific counters are highlighted with products that are free from sugar, gluten, pesticides and more as this is good food from good farming and supports good cause.